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Klasse App. Kann alles was man so braucht.

Top App!


Sehr gut...

Good app

Dont like I have to buy each year

Exactly what I needed!

Love how easy it was to set up the shifts and pattern. I bounce between a month of nights and a month of days and it works perfect for keeping track of my schedule. The ability to assign colours to new events and the work shifts make it really easy to see at a quick glance whats going on.

Great app for the whole family!

Love this app! Keeps home and shift work organized. Assigned a different colour for each child and activity. A must have ;)

Must for shiftworkers

Great app. Shiftworkers dream. Keeps me organized and allows me to stay up to date on my important family dates.


Easy to quickly glance at my schedule when making appointments. Easy to use and edit changes.

Keeps me organized!

I had trouble finding an app that worked well with my ever changing work schedules. This app has a lot of options for customizable schedules, reminders and is something that can be shared with family as long as they have the same app. The only thing Id like more of is additional reminders. At the moment they only have 2 but Id like to have the option for more because Im forgetful and could use the extra reminders.

Great app!

Dont love how it automatically puts in alerts for every entry, but otherwise, really great app!

Used for years

Love it. The only one that meets all my needs. Have tried several others but the dont compare. I work shifts that start in one day and end in another and it manages them just fine. I just dont like that it keeps prompting me for reviews in order to get updates. Please stop asking me to review - again. Again I have been asked for a 5 star review if I want to keep receiving updates. Be aware that when you are in different time zones things shift according to the zone.

Shift life

Awesome app. Easy to use and easy to organize a hectic schedule using Color codes. Love it.


Very easy to use

Great App

Been using it for years while i was on shift work and continue to use it in retirement since I prefer the options it provides as a daily organizer.

Great App!!

I need a good schedule to keep me going on time. This app makes it easy!

Deleted all of my shifts !:(

I used to love this app but it recently deleted all of my shifts :(


Had the pleasure of use from the beginning. Highly recommend the program. A must for rotating schedules and people on the go. Only issue I have with this is iPad and iPhone are not same for what ever reason.


Great for shift work, easy to use. Had it for 3 years and will for many more.

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